Management Philosophy

We share our dream and goals with our customers.
We grow together with our customers.
Woosung International’s dream is making a happy life with its customers.

As credibility and honesty are fundamental requirements for doing business,
we consider the future success of our customers to be a higher priority that our short-term gain.

Best Efforts
We do our best to satisfy our customers, through high product quality,
competitive pricing and reliable service information.
Working Together

We believe that we will not be satisfied and prosperous unless our customers are satisfied and prosperous as well,
and we want to develop together with our customers through our constant efforts.


Through honesty, putting forth our best efforts, and working together with our customers,
we will do our best to be a company that envisions a happy future with our customers, and ultimately makes it happen.

Company History and awards

  • Jul. 2003 Established the company
  • Began exports to South America, and started transacting business with Saehan (Eslon)
  • Cultivated a market in Eastern Europe
  • Awarded the contract for the manufacture of the electronic catalogue system and CD-Rom used to support promising export companies in Daegu (Best Products of DAEGU event)
  • Opened up a market in Asia
  • Awarded “$1 Million Export Tower” on the Trade Day

  • 2007
  • Company success story was carried in a newspaper (Maeil Business)
  • Designated as “Export Enterprise Business” by SBC
  • Grand opening invitation at
  • Overseas buyers invitation hosted by KITA
  • 2008
    • ”Successful Exporting Company” (2008 Edition) issued by SBMA & SBC
    • ”Word Trade Zone” (Special 2009)
    • “Ultimate weapon GoBizKorea”” issued by SBMA & SBC
  • “Easy Online Marketing Success Story” issued by KITA
  • Success Company Invitation hosting by KITA